The agreement between Puig-reig Town Council and Grup Boix has made it possible to clear and repopulate the Llobregat river plain in the area of the fishermen’s hut, thus recovering the natural riverside woodland.

After the strong meteorological episodes of June 2021, the Poplar trees area was affected by the rise in the water level and the strong blizzards. As a result of the storm, a part of the Poplar species was affected, making the landscape impracticable.

Poplars affected by the storm. By: Grup Boix

By means of a study of the land by the Grup Boix team of forestry engineers and with the authorisation of the ACA (Catalan Water Agency), it was determined that felling and replanting with native species was the best option for restoring the area of the fishermen’s hut. In this sense, the resolution of the forestry study and the authorisation of the ACA left a two-phase action proposal on the table.

The first phase of action includes forestry works. That is to say, the felling and removal of the pollard stumps by means of a forestry processor and the unpacking of the wood.

First phase of action. By: Grup Boix

The second phase includes actions to restore the area. In this sense, once the first phase was completed, the aim was to resprout the soils by means of the manual application of herbicide. This was followed by the preparation of the land, a technique that allows the soil to be turned and the hole to be made for planting the plants. Finally, the last process is the planting of the species. In this case, it has been decided to plant native species typical of the riverside woodland in the area, such as the Poplar trees (Popolus alba and Popolus nigra), the common Ash (Fraxinus), the Willow (Salix), Alder (Alnus glutinosa) and the Oak (Quercus humilis).

Planting, second phase. By: Grup Boix

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