On Tuesday 22 November an information day was held at the Diocesan School of Navàs to show the importance of the bridge between companies and vocational training students. Tuesday’s session, promoted by the Taula de la Formació del Bages, brought together four representatives from companies in Berguedà and Bages to raise awareness of the importance of vocational training and the real need for qualified personnel in companies.

From Grup Boix, operations manager Ramon Marginet was one of the four guest speakers at the session. Marginet explained the need for vocational training and the professional advancement it represents. “Professional training helps to open doors within the work team of a company, as the learning that is acquired is very enriching”, said Marginet between the interventions of Robert Molas, from Aplitelc Berguedà, Rafael Sánchez, from Meinsa, and Marc Canudas, from the company Bermaq.

The objectives established by the Taula de la Formació del Bages are to adjust the training offer to the demands of the productive fabric and the labour market, as well as to influence the competent bodies to achieve the necessary benefits for the competitiveness of the region.

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