About Us

Originally from Berguedà in Catalonia, our lives have always been linked to the forest and we have displayed a constant commitment to working to support economic development in our local area and the sustainable management of the natural environment. We apply innovation to add value to the forest’s natural capital, we guarantee forest conservation and natural regeneration based on strict protocols, and we promote the modernisation of the industry and greater competitiveness for the forestry sector.


↪ Serradora Boix. Social Objective of the company [PDF, 78 kB]

The Team

Grupo Boix was a pioneer in the 1990s in bringing on board qualified foresters to ensure the work undertaken in forests is carried out under the strictest environmental, social, ethical and legal guarantees. Since then, we have broadened the scope of our business divisions with new professionals committed to our shared values of connection with the land and respect for nature.


Joan Boix – CEO
Josep M. Boix – President
Carles Martí – Managing Director

Commercial Division


Technical Division

Forestry Division