Firhàbitat, the bioconstruction and energy efficiency fair in Avià, was the setting for the presentation of the new Grup Boix project, Boix Construcció.

In the current environment, where sustainability, the management of natural resources and environmental care are becoming increasingly important, Grup Boix presented the new division of work focused on the production of structural wood panels, CLT (Cross Laminated Timber).

Group picture before the presentation. From left to right: César Sánchez, M. Teresa Clotet, Vicente Guallart, Josep M. Serarols, Rosa Prat, Patrocini Canal, Joan Boix and Eva Menor. Source: Grup Boix

On Thursday 2nd June, at 12 am, Joan Boix, managing director of Grup Boix, informed the local media about the construction of an industrial building for the production of structural wood panels (CLT).

Joan Boix, accompanied by the local and territorial authorities, among them, the director of the Territorial Services of Enterprise and Employment in Central Catalonia, M. Teresa Clotet, Vicente Guallart, co-founder of the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Eva Menor, deputy of the Area of Economic Development, Tourism and Trade of the Diputació de Barcelona, the mayoress of Avià, Patrocini Canal, the director of Firhàbitat, Rosa Prat and the president of the ACEB, Josep M. Serarols, stressed the current need to move towards the energy transition and therefore to be able to give value to natural resources. “The CLT is the system that allows us to be more respectful of the environment and at the same time, it is the resource that allows us to improve the welfare of people”, remarked Joan Boix during the presentation of the project.

Joan Boix during the presentation of Boix Construcció. Source: Grup Boix

Sustainability, versatility, energy efficiency, resistance and speed are the main adjectives that the managing director of Grup Boix used to describe the advantages of CLT. “From the year 2025, the production of wood blocks prepared for the construction of any building will be a reality”, remarked Joan Boix during the closing of the intervention.

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