The Forest

Protecting the forest of today to guarantee a forest for tomorrow

With the decline in forestry, agricultural and livestock farming activity, the percentage of forest land in Catalonia is growing every year. The trend towards natural afforestation leads to the progressive ageing of forests, reduced CO2 capturing and rising tree density levels, with the associated environmental risks.

A strong and close connection needs to be re-established based on respect, care and appreciation of our forests, as part of the urgent need to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Forests not only provide us with oxygen, act as a haven for biodiversity and play an essential role in preserving ecosystems; they also perform an essential duty in storing CO2 and are a natural barrier against adverse climate effects.


As part of a business strategy linked to sustainability and the circular nature of our business, we at Boix work to ensure we fully utilise the stem wood we process.

We have PEFC forest certification, which guarantees the sustainability of our forestry work and certifies that products have been obtained from responsibly managed forests.

We are committed to a circular economy model that promotes more efficient production and consumption systems and avoids waste creation throughout the production process. We are also self-sufficient in terms of our energy supply, using biomass generated during our operations.

Boix has ISO 14001 certification, which guarantees the environmental management system in all production and industrial processes and certifies the acceptance of responsibility for constantly improving on sustainability and environmental impact.

Boix is taking a step forward in its commitment to consuming energy from 100% renewable sources and has set up a solar power plant to self-generate electricity to supply the most energy-intensive production processes.