• With 780 250kW solar panels, the company takes another step in guaranteeing energy generation as part of its commitment to a circular business model.
  • The new plant will support the company’s use of biomass to cover thermal demand, with a 1,400kWt boiler installed in 2004 in a commitment to waste-free production.
  • The solar power plant will save 110,000kg of CO2 a year.

As part of its company strategy focusing on sustainability and a circular business model, Boix has set up a 250kW solar power plant and 780 PV solar panels to self-generate electricity from a renewable source.

The group’s strategy features the key elements of guaranteeing territorial sustainability in both environmental and economic terms. Indeed, Boix is taking a step forward in its commitment to consuming energy from 100% renewable sources, with a €196,000 investment in production and self-consumption, which leads to CO2 emissions savings amounting to 110,000kg a year.

The company is committed to self-generating electricity to supply the most energy-intensive production processes. In fact, Boix is a clear example of the circular economy that strives to minimise the impact of its production cycle without generating waste, and since 2004, the company has been operating with biomass produced at its own plant. “Self-generation is a further step in our commitment to sustainability and to modernising the timber industry,” said the group’s general manager Carles Martí. “We are committed to sustainably managing the natural environment as a key element in achieving sustainable territorial development.”

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