Boix has been commended by employers’ association Foment de Treball and workplace risk prevention experts Acción Preventiva for its sensitivity in the field of workplace health and safety. During an event hosted by the two organisations, Mar Jiménez and Marçal Camps from Boix’s Human Resources team gave a talk to explain the company’s strategic plan for comprehensive management of workplace risk prevention. They also accepted the commendation on the company’s behalf.

The family group currently manages two production facilities—comprising two sawmills and a packaging plant—and employs 120 local people who, through their work, process 180,000 tonnes of timber, packaging, biomass and road safety components every year.

For 50 years, Boix has diversified and extended its business activity to add value to the forest’s natural capital, while working to preserve woodlands. In that regard, the company has introduced new technology and digitalised its processes to improve efficiency and safety in one of the country’s oldest industries.

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